Daniel at Pam's Grotto

Daniel at Pam's Grotto
Daniel at Pam's Grotto

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

5-28 Liles Falls and Twin Falls

This was the day that Daniel had been waiting for for months. He was going to get to go on his first Boy Scout float trip on the Buffalo River. We have been going on this trip for 35 years. Daniel is now the 3rd generation of Gillson's to go!

I took the day off from work and went to Daniel's school to be a Watchdog Dad. We got to participate in the opening video where he introduced me to the whole school. He was so proud! Then we left early and went to Jasper.

Our first stop was Liles Falls, which is on the dirt road headed towards Erbie.
On the short trail down to Liles, I saw this really neat double-decker mushroom. (1/80 sec, f-5.6, ISO800)

This is the top section of Liles, in bright sunlight.  It had been raining in the area so we were disappointed to find so little water. (1/25 sec, f-5.6, ISO250)

This is the top of the lower section of the falls. I decided not to make the scramble to the bottom with Daniel since there was so little water. (1/8 sec, f-7.1, ISO800)

After we left Liles, we headed across the Buffalo River at Erbie and went exploring.  This is a shot from the middle of a side stream that joins the Buffalo. (1/40 sec, f-10, ISO800)

We drove around for a few hours then headed into Camp Orr in time to turn around and head back up the dirt road and in to Jasper for dinner.  After we got back, I was itching to go to Twin Falls! (4 sec, f-22, ISO100)

Twin Falls
Many years ago, I took a picture of Twin Falls that I absolutely loved.  I hadn't seen it in a while, but I wanted to try to re-create it.  My memory is pretty fuzzy but I am almost certain this was the shot.  The vegetation has grown up quite a bit since then. (10 sec, f-29, -0.67, ISO200)

If you get too close to the bottom of the falls, your camera gets sprayed.  Even when there isn't any wind, there is always a cool refreshing breeze here. (5 sec, f-22, -0.67, ISO200)

Just looking for a different perspective.  It was pretty late in the evening, so I had really good light. (6 sec, f-22, ISO200)

The next two are an example of the difference between landscape and portrait. (10 sec, f-22, -0.67, ISO200)

I think the portrait version is better because it emphasizes the vertical lines. (10 sec, f-22, -0.67, ISO200)

One of my favorite shots.  I love the way the trees frame the waterfall.  The rope is an added bonus. (25 sec, f-22, +0.67, ISO400)

After I left Twin Falls, I headed to the swimming hole at Camp Orr.  This is where I taught Swimming Merit Badge when I was on staff in 1987.  I found an old Scoutmaster there fishing.  This was OA weekend, so the camp was pretty active. (1/5 sec, f-4, ISO800)

The sun had gone down behind me at this point, which made for pretty good light. (1/6 sec, f-3.5, ISO800)

Another portrait vs. landscape comparison.  This one had a much longer shutter speed, so the water didn't look as good.  Still, I like how the foreground rocks lead your eye into the center. (8 sec, f-10, ISO100)

This was our first night at Camp Orr.  Daniel was ecstatic that he could be there with his Papa, Bobbob, Uncle Andy and his friend Carter.

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