Daniel at Pam's Grotto

Daniel at Pam's Grotto
Daniel at Pam's Grotto

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

5-29 Twin Falls, Clemmons Hollow and Mossy Falls

The next day we floated the upper end of the Buffalo, from Steel Creek to Camp Orr. There was barely enough water so it was a bump and grind day. We stopped at Hemmed-in-Hollow, which is the tallest waterfall between the Rockies and the Appalachians.

We saw a couple of the smaller falls near Hemmed-in, and we also stopped at what I think is the drainage for Fishtrap Hollow falls. There are a couple of 10' waterfalls that you can get to from the river. I didn't take my camera on the river so I don't have any shots of them.

After we got back to camp and ate dinner, we headed back over to Twin Falls for a swim.  (Some of us are smart enough not to swim in that frigid water!)

Papa staring at the falls. (1/50 sec, f-1.8, ISO100)

I think this is one of his favorite places. (1/50 sec, f-1.8, ISO100)

Andy at Twin Falls
My brother Andy taking a shower. (1/30 sec, f-1.8, ISO100)

Daniel at Twin Falls
Daniel was smart enough not to get in. (1/60 sec, f-1.8, ISO100)

Jessie and Carter at Twin Falls
Carter was itching to get thrown in the pool. (1/100 sec, f-1.8, ISO400)

Andy at Twin Falls
Andy back for another round. (1/500 sec, f-1.8, ISO800)

Andy at Twin Falls
Brrrr, it's COLD! (1/800 sec, f-1.8, ISO800)

Andy at Twin Falls
It only took four tries for me to get the right shot! I don't think he would have done it again. (1/640 sec, f-1.8, ISO800)

Carter at Twin Falls
Carter didn't seem to mind the cold. (1/100 sec, f-1.8, ISO400)

Family at Twin Falls
Our little group picture.  This was taken by another photographer named Ed Porter who happened to come up as we were playing.  Ed promised Daniel a Tootsie Roll Pop if he would smile, but it was in his truck.  Daniel wasn't going to smile until he had prize in hand. (1/400 sec, f-1.8, ISO800)

Andy and Carter at Twin Falls
Carter gets his wish. (1/200 sec, f-1.8, ISO800)

Daniel at Mossy Falls
After we left Twin Falls, Daniel and I headed across the river to Clemmons Hollow.  This is called Mossy Falls. (1/60 sec, f-1.8, ISO800)

Mossy Falls
The sun was back-lighting the trees on top of the bluff. (13 sec, f-25, ISO200)

Mossy Falls
This drainage from this waterfall is all covered in moss.  It is spring fed so the water was really cold. (8 sec, f-22, -.067, ISO200)

Clemons Hollow
At the end of Clemmons Hollow is a little boxed in canyon.  Just to the right of middle you can see a small trickle.  I really need to get back up there when there is a lot more water.  This was taken from the ledge about halfway up.  There is also a rustic old cabin on top of this bluff where the Boy Scouts have a living history program when summer camp is going on.  While we were sitting there, Daniel and I watched a copperhead swimming in the pool we had just stepped over. (4 sec, f-22, +.067, ISO100)

Mossy Falls
On the way back out I stopped to take a few more shots of Mossy Falls since it had more water. (13 sec, f-22, ISO200)

Mossy Falls
This waterfall is probably 20 feet tall. (15 sec, f-22, ISO200)

Buffalo River
This is at the crossing on the way back, looking up river towards Needle's Eye. (4 sec, f-22, ISO200)

Buffalo River
Unfortunately the rowboat was on the other side. (6 sec, f-32, ISO200)

Buffalo River
This is from the middle of the river looking down towards Bee Bluff. (2 sec, f-22, ISO200)

Buffalo River
I like the little squiggles in the current.  That is because I was about knee deep in the water. (3.2 sec, f-22, ISO200)

Buffalo River
I like the see through reflections. (1 sec, f-22, ISO400)

Camp Orr Field
The bottom field at Camp Orr.  It's hard to see in this shot but there is a wind sock for landing rescue helicopters.  I have been told it has been used twice. (0.8 sec, f-22, ISO400)

Buffalo River
This is from the canoeing hole where I taught Canoeing Merit Badge in 1985. (3.2 sec, f-22, ISO400)

Canoeing the Buffalo River
There were some squatters camping. (10 sec, f-32, ISO200)

Buffalo River
Looking downstream towards the swimming hole. (1.3 sec, f-22, ISO200)

Buffalo River Reflections
More see through reflections. (4 sec, f-22, ISO400)

Eddie and Chris Fishing
I told Ed and his son Chris about Capture Arkansas and that if they would let me take their picture, I would try to get them published.  Light was low at this point so it took a few tries but it finally worked. (1/4 sec, f-5, ISO800)


  1. These pictures are beautiful. I spent about 2 years of my life is this valley in the 80's. I was on staff at Camp Orr for several years. Part of my heart will always be somewhere between twin falls and clemmons hollow.

  2. Thanks, Ted. What years were you at Camp Orr?