Daniel at Pam's Grotto

Daniel at Pam's Grotto
Daniel at Pam's Grotto

Monday, June 14, 2010

4-17 Long Pool Falls

This was definitely a family adventure.  I packed the wife and kids in the mini-van and took off to Russellville.  We were on our way to Long Pool Falls, which is supposed to be kid friendly.  We got to the campground at Longpool and parked.  We saw the water tank and headed down the trail.  As the trail dropped off, it got steeper and slicker.  Daniel was carrying the tripod, I was carrying the camera bag and Jessica was carrying Grant.  I turned around to see this scene and had to take a picture!
Jessica and the Boys Scrambling down the trail
What you can't see in this picture is the bluff we were on.  Like I said, it was definitely an adventure! (1/25 sec, f-4, ISO400)

Trail next to Big Piney Creek
 It turns out we were on the wrong trail. (1/20 sec, f-5.6, ISO200)

End of the Trail next to Big Piney Creek
 This is the Big Piney Creek, and the trail disappears into the water. (1/20 sec, f-10, ISO200)

Gillson Family Picture
So, what do we do?  In true Gillson manner, we take a family picture!  The kids were having a blast!  I can't tell if Jessica's smile is forced, though. (1/40 sec, f-4.5, ISO200)

Moss Detail
 Along the way take time to take pictures of the flowers.  Errr, gumballs. (1/10 sec, f-5.6, ISO800)

Grant feeling the moss
  Grant is fascinated with the spring water running through the moss. (1/30 sec, f-4, ISO800)

Gillson Family Picture
 All in all it was a pretty, if treacherous, side hike.  What do we do when we get back to the top?  That's right: another family picture!  (1/40 sec, f-4.5, ISO200)

At this point, we bushwhacked (in true Tim Ernst fashion) up the hill and found the right trail.  It was a quick half-mile hike to the waterfall.

Long Pool Falls
There wasn't much water and we had other places to go so I only took a few pictures of the falls.  This was the one I liked best because of the way the water falls behind the rocks in the foreground.  (6 sec, f-20, ISO200)

After this, we headed to Haw Creek Falls.


  1. I did the same thing Daniel on my first trip, except it was in snow and ice. My wife turned around and I got mad and continued on. Then I noticed the trail died in the creek, haha! I read Tim's book again in the car and saw that I went toward the building instead of the tower itself.
    It is a pretty easy hike until you get to the big falls which is rock scrambling at it's finest.

  2. Yeah, we were using Tim's book too! Once we were on the right trail, it was easy going.